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Insurance, Investment & Mortgage Broker

If you are looking for a financial adviser, it is because:

  1. You have money to invest
  2. You need funding for the purchase of a major asset, like your home or business.
  3. You want to secure and protect the future of your family or business.
  4. You want to protect and secure your livelihood

So, why Gee7 Wealth Management Ltd ?

  • Because Gee7 Wealth Management Ltd can deal with all your financial needs from investment and retirement planning to mortgages and insurance cover as part of a single seamless service.
  • Because Gee7 Wealth Management Ltd is able to look at more than one or a limited number of product providers to find the right solution for you
  • Because Gee7 Wealth Management Ltd can offer you information on a wide range of products and can offer you advice on which one may be most suitable for your needs. Some mortgage and insurance brokers may not offer advice on these products.

Mark Maryan, our Adviser in Northampton has appropriate qualifications to enable him to give mortgage advice plus many years experience in advising clients, which has given him experience of a broad range of financial products.

Your initial consultation will be to find out exactly what you want from your money. And to do that we need to know more about you, your circumstances, your ambitions and your short and long-term financial objectives. We will agree at this meeting the key areas you want us to research on your behalf, and we will then look at every appropriate conceivable option to fit your requirements. We will make recommendations on the most suitable opportunities, and then after we receive your agreement, we will put the financial plans in place. Before doing so, we will provide you with full information about the service we will provide and the way we will be remunerated.

The initial consultation is free of charge, so what have you got to lose? Ring today to make a suitable appointment, either daytime or evening, at your convenience.

Why our Company is different:

"Improving your real wealth is what I'm about"