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Network leader: Duncan Webster

Value of business last six months: £300,941
Total referrals last month: 419

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Collingtree BNI - The Agenda

Members begin turning up to a BNI meeting from 6.30am onwards, but most of them arrive at about 6.45am, when the networking really gets underway. The meeting is then called to start at 7am.

The meeting, hosted by the President who opens with an introduction to BNI, including facts and figures about the organisation. The leadership team and visitor hosts are then introduced to the meeting.

Given that BNI is all about networking, it's important that every member has each others business card. So once the meeting is underway, the business card box is passed around the table for people to take extra cards if necessary. Visitors to the meeting are invited to pass their cards around the table - and given a full set of all the cards of the chapter members.

After the President's introduction comes the Education Slot...constructive advice on ways of helping all of us gain business and good referrals for our BNI colleagues.

It must be pointed out at this stage, that within minutes of sitting down for the meeting, the staff atĀ Collingtree Park Golf Club are busy serving us an excellent breakfast. They cater to all requests, but most members go for the full English which sets us up for the rest of the day!

Each member then has 60 seconds to tell everyone about his or her business. They might talk about the various aspects of their business, they might talk about the ideal referrals they're looking for. The idea is to enlighten all members about the business they're involved with, enabling colleagues to go out and pass on their business card to people they meet during the week.

Once members have finished their slots, visitors then have the opportunity to do the same.

After that comes various announcements from the Vice President. We keep each other informed of how many referrals are passed around the table and how many visitors come along to our meetings.

Next on the agenda - the Secretary/Treasurer's report; the Secretary /Treasurer announces the speakers for the weeks ahead, and introduces the speaker of that particular day. Each week a member has the chance to make a 10 minute presentation to chapter members to give them the chance to really ram home the message about what they do.

The passing of referrals is regarded as the highlight of the meeting. It's where business is passed across the table! The idea is to pass on a referral to fellow members which will hopefully convert into worthwhile business. If on a particular week a member doesn't have a referral to pass on, then they have a chance to thank a member with whom they have done business, or can give a testimonial. Testimonials are put in writing and used as a valuable document for the member's business.

Once the referrals have been passed, the door prize is made - it's donated each week by the speaker, and is drawn from the referral slips handed in by members.

To conclude the meeting, there is a reality check - to make sure that referrals passed in previous weeks are successful, and that real business is being done between members.

And finally - announcements from the President, followed by a thought for the day...often amusing, but always thought provoking.

A BNI meeting concludes at 8.30am.